Follow the instructions to the script. Do what you have been told to do.

Be there when the sun rises, follow the orders, run the machines, obey the boss, leave when the sun sets, get your pay check and that is it. You are the employee of the 21st century. Some people think that I am describing the workers’ lives in factories in the 17th century pre and post the industrial era. No, I am practically describing how most companies operate in the 21st century.  

When some employees dare to challenge the system to improve it not to disrupt it. The managers’ voices rise to reinforce and reaffirm the dreadful status quo. We hired you to accomplish certain tasks not to reinvent the wheel.

The problem is the absence of great leadership which is the absence of everything. Since most companies are run by managers not leaders whose job is just to manage, carrying out a radical change is hopeless and useless. Understanding leadership is the solution, but there is always a confusing definition for leadership which is a recurring problem that passes on from one company to another.

Is it the managers unwillingness to understand leadership? Leadership is not the three hours’ managerial training which is taking place in most businesses.

Leadership is about genuinely inspiring and empowering people. The problem is not one, there are many. They confuse leadership with management. They confuse vision with mission and goals with strategy. They view people as resources. They think leadership is about managing a large number of people and keep them in line. They run their businesses as if they are still in the industrial ear. They are leaderless and purposeless.

kamil toume

Misunderstanding and misapplying leadership are the causes of the problem. How to inspire a collective action towards doing something great if people are confused about the definition and the rules of the game? leadership should not be blindly pursued; it should be first understood. This is the key challenge. If the north pole is not located by the leaders and communicated to all others, it will be spotless by all then leaderlessness prevails.

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