Great content is infectious

If you love what you are posting about, people will feel it. If you are consistent and persistent to present and represent your views, people will respect it. If your content is quality oriented, people will follow it and share it. They will embrace it. At this point, your stuff become infectious. This is when […]

Can you answer this question?

What is your purpose? If you cannot answer this question, you are essentially undermining your passion, defocusing your energy, limiting your potential and not getting closer to the core of who you are. Unravelling your true DNA is must do not a luxury thing that you choose to do or not. It is the core […]

Assumptions, decisions and outcomes

This is how we operate in life, we have an assumption about something which leads us to make a decision. The final outcomes are the result of the decisions we made. Take any decision in life and it is a result of a certain assumption. Our underlying assumptions govern our decisions. Whether something is true […]

They blamed everyone except themselves

There are many reasons for the fall of civilizations, nations, and companies. Whom are we going to blame? Kings, governments, systems, geography, or history? Historians offer varying lists of criteria for the fall of civilizations, but most of the lists include the following important factors: a large population, food scarcity, a centralized government, controlling religion, […]

Do not give up

If you are trying to be creative, create quality work and add value to people, do not give up. Clap to yourself and move on. If you are trying to create change, resistance will get bigger in your way. Do not be scared, push more and continue what you started. Do not give up. Most […]

Standing for something

It means you have to say no to a lot of things. It limits your options and focuses your choices. Standing for something makes you visible and vulnerable. You will be challenged on what you believe. You will be criticized. How must does it cost to stand for something? A lot. Standing firmly for something […]

Design is everything

If you look at any building whether a small one with few storeys or a skyscraper, there should be a functional drawing for the constructed building. Architects create the drawings and civil engineers supervise the construction based on these drawings. It does not work the other way around. The functionality and totality of the design […]

Wishing people good is a skill.

You might feel jealous and envious of other people. While it is normal to feel so as humans, it is worth examining the emptiness inside us. Emptiness perpetuates all these negative feelings. So, examine and deal with this problem. On the other hand, wishing people good is not a built-in feature in our human psychology. […]

Arrogance in ignorance

The inability to take a step back and reconsider their positions if they are wrong is the disease inflicting the educated. They consider it a weakness. They blindly embrace some views as godly. As a matter of fact, this is all inherited from the industrial age top down system. Most people have been conditioned to […]