Follower or supporter

If someone were to tell you that you are a great follower or supporter. Which word would make you feel more comfortable? The language of social media has subconsciously become part of people’s mindsets. Take for example, the word follower, all social media platforms use with no exception. They have created such words and encouraged […]

Just ink and paper

The illiteracy rate among people holding associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees is alarmingly shocking. Illiteracy does not only mean the inability to read or write. It is the inability to think. Most students are the end-product of a global educational system that, in its very structure, designed to produce conformists who are pre-programmed to […]

Sophisticated minds are scarce.

Just a handy hint at the beginning on the meaning of sophisticated minds, people who possess creative, challenging, and disruptive mindsets. Non-conformists. Whether they are journalists, doctors, writers, etc regardless of the profession, most people usually conform to the norms, policy, and strategic direction of their organizations. Deviating from the general line threatens jobs and […]

The metric is deliberately rigged.

The standard of measurement is the number of followers and likes. This is how people on social media measure their success and fame. Social media machines have controlled people by manipulative metrics. Psychological manipulation is deviously used to change people’s behaviour. Social media trigger the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for gratification, reward, […]

Courage and knowledge

They can create miracles if utilized correctly. A very knowledgeable person who lacks courage will not go far. A scared leader will inspire no one. He or she will stay invisible. Knowledge is important, but courage is crucial. Courage without knowledge leads to unintended consequences. Courage and knowledge are twins and they are essential to […]

Few inspiring people

The reason is simple. Everyone wants instantaneous attention expressed in the likes, followers and shares. Social media stress is a disease that is affecting brain chemicals and making people short-tempered, impatient and angry. How to get quickly and easily noticed? Inspiration needs different standards and quality is one of which. It requires time, energy, patience […]

DM meaningfully. Enough BS.

The number of “experts” who reach out to connect online is staggering. A marketing manager followed me on Twitter and immediately sent me a message that she can magically help me rock the internet. She did not even bother herself  to read my profile or the posts to see if I am right person for […]

You cannot automate the human nature

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is knocking at everyone’s door, pushed and accelerated by the pandemic to embrace the new world of remote working and social distancing, the human cost already felt in locking people down in their rooms. A year of lockdowns and restrictions on the movement of people has provided the answer, automating […]

Be a disruptor

Most people think that a disruptor is someone who is only in the capacity of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Challenging a status quo is not confined to rocket science and technology. Many great historians, writers, doctors, entrepreneurs, actors, philosophers, teachers, engineers are outstanding disruptors. By definition, a disruptor is someone who strives to challenge […]

World Sales Organization

While some countries after still studying, examining and reporting some side effects of the vaccines after the roll-out. The World Health Organization has unquestionably decided and reported that there is no evidence of a link between AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and clots. The WHO might be right or wrong regarding the link between the vaccine and clots, […]