The tip of the iceberg is the problem

Most people perceive other people by looking at the tip of the iceberg. They do not put effort into understanding the volume of work and time spent building the berg. Someone told me the other day that my writing is simple and concise when I helped her to write an email. She does not know […]

Great and rare minds

Today, I had a very interesting conversation with a man in his seventies, he did not only talk wisdom and experience, but he channelled a positive energy that has incredibly struck me. The most missing element in our day and age is such great people who lift us up when we talk and meet them. […]

Cause and effect

If you understand the cause and effect of anything, you can easily the predict the outcome. This applies to nature, financial markets, businesses, financial and non- financial crises and any activity. There is a reaction to any action. There is always a correlation.

If you are going to fail.

If you are going to fail, fail quickly, but if you are going to succeed, do it steadily. I heard the first part of this statement from someone, but I have decided to complete the second part. Quick success often turns into a failure overnight, but a culmination of success is gained accumulatively. It is […]

New challenges require..

When we face new challenges, we must adapt our tactics to resolve them. Using the old ways does not yield new results or overcome them. To change our tactics, it requires changing our mindsets. This is of the essence. Diagnosing the problem is the first step into the solution. A new challenge means a new […]

What is your life philosophy?

When one of my friends asked me this question in 2014, I stayed silents not only for a couple of minutes, but for a couple of months wondering in silence about the philosophy and purpose of my life. It led me to read and research different books then write my own book. It is a […]

Do not settle

If you have not achieved what you set yourself to achieve, do not settle. The journey might be long, but it is worth running, trying, failing, reflecting, and adjusting. The destination is important, but the learning and experience gained along the way is worthwhile.

The lid is open

The other day, I was watching an experiment on TV where they put some flies in jar with an open lid. Some flies flew out of it, but when they closed it for three hours and opened it again, none of the flies left the jar. They were conditioned to stay in. The same applies […]

What if you eliminate social media

Think a bit about eliminating all sorts and forms of social media from your life. Have you imagined the free time and space that you would get? It looks scary for some people to think it. When I deleted my Facebook account in 2016, I felt the difference in terms of the time that I […]

Consistency is king

Consistency is a skill that does not come by default. It requires a constant practice. Most people are quitters, they start, move on for a while then quit. The result is few successful people. They are successful because they have mastered the skill of being persistent. Remember, consistency is a skill that does need time […]