What is your focus?

If you are 100% focused on what greatly matters, the result will be certainly amazing. A little distraction weakens your position. Some people are good multitaskers. Is their final product outstanding or mediocre? This is the question that measures their output. The best strategy is focus. Are you focused on what matters?  

Weak leadership

In most of the catch ups that I do with Jane, a friend of mine who is an HR compliance officer, she talks about the fact that her role makes her feel unhappy. She is a very passionate HR professional, but the problem is the leadership in the company as she stated. she feels very […]

The major causes of failure

Working with different organizations in reassessing their cultures and empowering their people, I have reached a conclusion that the major causes of failure that are found in most organizations can be cascaded down to two: The overwhelming influence of management thinking. The inability to understand and apply the right model of leadership. Do you think […]

Management dilemma

Management is overly concerned with efficiencies and compliances. It is an act of authority. Managing cost, capital, machinery, stock, and even humans. They teach that people are resources, and they are disposable and manageable. The most important failure for most leaders today is that they are overtaken by a mechanical and corporate system that has […]

Testing your leadership

What inspires you to take the lead? What are you trying to achieve as a leader? What is your contribution? What is your purpose? What is the impact that you want to make? Some fundamental questions that are worth contemplating to test the depth of your leadership.

Reading and comprehension are two different things.

Reading something once and twice does not mean grasping the full meaning and getting to the core of the idea. Skimming and scanning are reading techniques that use rapid eye movement to move quickly through text to get a general overview. Reading rapidly to find specific facts does not imply full comprehension. Most people think that […]

Executive pay

If the reward system is thoughtfully designed and carefully implemented, it harnesses the behavior and performance of everyone in the organization. A badly structured executive reward system negatively affects executives and non-executives. It has serious behavioral and psychological consequences on the executives’ performance and the whole organization. There is no doubt that the executive reward […]

Purpose is not a luxury.

All of us have been conditioned and influenced by our parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues. Therefore, most of us have been pressured to pursue certain things in life which probably did not add any satisfaction and value to our lives. The power of purpose is in refocusing and realigning our deepest passions, desires, experiences, and […]

Determination is everything

Anyone can think, plan and design, but execution requires a strong will to make it happen. Most of us fail to achieve our projects not because of the lack of resources, but due to the lack of will and determination to do so. Success is the ultimate test of our perseverance.

Respecting deadlines

Skipping one deadline permits us to skip another one. It is like skipping a diet and returning to our old bad eating habits. The power of consistency is powerful. Discipline is a king. If we stick to the new rules and obey them, it builds a momentum that encourages us to keep up the good […]