What does a great leadership mean?

It is the leaders’ pursuit towards achieving something great for the people. It is the genuine contribution to the true needs of people. It is about starting a business that solves a problem and drives prosperity to the whole society not only to the owners and the shareholders.


Awareness is an action.

Fortunately, it is not too late to be humans again. In face of extreme digitilization and distraction, the social disintegration is predictable, and it will be difficult to be stopped. People must be alert for the warnings of which path, our world is traversing. Despite the bad effects that are badly impacting our world, raising awareness […]

Changing the world requires….

If you have a passion, commitment to making a difference in the world and affinity for other fellow humans then now is the perfect time to start. The world needs all of us to make the change happen. Pursuing the mission of building a better world through integrated and holistic commitment has made some leaders […]