The power of learning is thinking.

In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote the famous book, “Think and Grow Rich “not read, learn, memorize and grow rich. Reading something is not thinking. When readers move their eyes to grasp quickly the idea of any text, article, or a book, it is called skimming and scanning. Learning is not about reading; it is the thinking part.   Reading is very important, […]

On Gold

I do not think that I would add up much to the precious conversation about the importance of gold in good and bad times. However, I strongly believe that the power of questions raises awareness which is always needed.   Why humans throughout history never swayed from gold?   Why do all the central banks hoard and preserve gold?   Why do all investors diversify […]

BC-AC. Before and after corona.

I am not refereeing here to the years prior to the estimated birth of Jesus. I am talking about the madness in the world before and after corona. The madness which is peaking now is unprecedented. It is getting madder day after day.    What exacerbated all this madness?   The virus itself.   Governments’ panic response.  Fear manufactures- The […]