Separating Grain From Chaff, Redefining leadership about its true meaning.

Separating Grain From Chaff deals primarily with the fact that a lack of understanding and misunderstanding of leadership, especially by those at the top within organizations, have caused major problems. Most managers and leaders are lost in mistaken business beliefs and practices inherited from the industrial and factory model of management. Poor leadership accelerated the dehumanization in the business world which has tightened its grip on people’s lives.

Kamil has coined the term the Hierarchy of Business Needs, HBN which is the cornerstone of his book. HBN starts with purpose as the foundation of the hierarchy and ends with the unquestionable business fact that the final impact of the business determines the soundness of its purpose.

The Hierarchy of Business Needs forms with Maslow Hierarchy of Needs the metrics that separates the leaders from the non-leaders, namely grain from chaff.

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