Redefining the definitions changes the whole game.

Google defines management as the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Let’s focus on the last three words, controlling things or people. The idea of managing and controlling things is logistically and technically understandable, but the notion of managing and controlling people is dehumanizing and should be disregarded. People strive to be inspired and empowered but not controlled, monitored and managed. Managing people in organisations is even a taught MBA course in most business schools and evidently practised in most companies around the world.

kamil toume

Let’s humanely tweak Google definition for management and refine it, management is the process of dealing with, managing and controlling things NOT people. Understanding the new definition changes the rules of the game. Things which are manageable are stuff like assets, capital, machinery, land, stock, systems, but not people. To deal and interact with people in organisation as a leader is to inspire and empower them. This is the major difference that should be understood and applied.

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