People decide

Management has changed, but the limited understanding of what has changed is blinding most managers to become good leaders.  Most people including employees and customers can easily spot a good from a bad manager. It is incredibley easy and does not require an MBA to do that.  Management is about control. Leadership is about change. […]

The real difference between management and leadership

A true story. LANDING their first job after graduation is something that most people can never forget, and is at the forefront of memories when we get older and progress in our careers. I started my first job at a training company in September 2006. The first four months were unforgettable. My excitement was up […]

What is the scale that separates leaders from non-leaders?

Most people confuse leadership with management, especially among the executives in organisations. The only real challenge to achieving great leadership is to understand it. Most managers and leaders are lost in mistaken business beliefs and practices inherited from the industrial and factory model of management. Kamil presents a solution in his book Separating Grain from […]

Redemption, a must-have leadership value

The only real challenge to achieving great leadership is to understand it. Elevating the discussion of leadership is to pinpoint the building blocks of leadership. In his pursuit to accomplish this mission, Dr. Joseph Bucci’ new book, Redemption Inc.: Why Offering Second Chances Makes Good Business Sense clearly elevates the discussion of leadership. Dr. Bucci […]

It all starts with purpose.

Great leaders are those who found their purpose, created meaning for their lives and inspired others to transform theirs. They are part of a mission that is bigger than themselves. Such leaders are fully aware that their organizations can have an impact not only within their organizations but socially, environmentally, economically, and globally. This is […]

Who is to blame?

If a farm experiences poor crop yields for many seasons, it means three things: the quality of the seeds may be bad, the environment is not suitable for farming, or the farmer crops’ cultivation is not proper. Similarly, if a business has been in a state of continuous decline, it means three things: the foundation […]

The misfits

When the misfits infiltrate the ranks of the organization and form legions, the legions develop and grow uncontrollably to become malignant inflicting the whole organization. Who are we going to blame? The recruiters, or the leaders. Attracting the right people is the leaders’ job. It is their main responsibility.

What is the standard?

If businesses are judged by the amount of money created, then the metric is revenue. If they are judged based on the ability to make a positive change in people’s lives, then the metric is the purpose of the business.