Power hierarchies are not godly. True leaders dismantle them.

When humans had surplus for the first time after discovering agriculture 10,000 years ago, hierarchies of money and power were born. Controlling and herding the masses started. A long list including Pharaohs, Sumerians, Chinese and Roman emperors were revered as divine and people had to adhere to their rule. The last 6000 years witnessed the birth of countless gods and goddesses. They were revered as divine as well.  

Submitting to the divine will of rulers, kings, emperors, gods and goddesses is mandatory. Nothing has changed. All governments and organizations take the pyramid shape. The few are at the top and the masses are at the bottom. Bowing down and obeying them are a must do ritual. Challenging the few at the top renders you disruptive and non-compliant. Try to argue the decisions of senior management teams in companies, schools and governments.  

As far as great leadership is concerned, there are no power hierarchies. There are no pyramids. There are no knowledge powers. Dismantling power hierarchies eliminates “Us-vs-Them” and the top and the bottom.  

People who dare to challenge, criticize and topple down this ancient reverend system are the true future leaders whom we have to raise our hats to.  

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