Reinvent yourself. Ask questions worth answering

Last March 2020, people across the globe were instructed to stay home by their governments to avoid catching the corona virus. The purpose of this post is to point out the big opportunity in front of all of us irrespective of the downsides.

The big opportunity is time.

There is a plenty of time to rethink, refocus and completely reconsider ourselves. The opportunity now is in the reflection part. Time allows us to break from the daily pattern ” the rat race” that most people are stuck in. Work, pay the bills and other stresses. Break the pattern and reinvent yourself. Discover who you really are. Figure out what really matters to you. What you truly love. What you genuinely want to be. Time is on your side.

Ask yourself a couple of questions worth answering :

  • Do I enjoy and love what i am doing?
  • Do I want to do for the rest of my life?
  • What should i do now to make the change?
  • What are the things that i did not have time to consider before?
  • What change is deemed so necessary to happen right now?
  • If i lose my job, what i will do tomorrow?
  • What other skills do i have to develop in this volatile time?

Ask worthwhile questions that make you think. Ask questions that you were always afraid to ask. Be a question asker. Find answers to the questions that you always wanted answers for.

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