Culture and leadership are inextricably linked

A company is just a group of people. Businesses are not made up of structure and policies; they are made up of people. The true concept of culture is hugely misunderstood, and most people, including business consultants, senior managers and leaders, do not know the true meaning. They always grapple with explaining the core of a great culture.

Culture is not corporate and should not be. A great culture is human. Companies do not have cultures, their leaders do. Culture is the sum of beliefs, values, purpose and principles that are upheld by leaders and communicated and demonstrated every day in business.

A friendly reminder to OD, HR managers and business consultants

A great culture is not an organizational training program or a task that senior management instructs you to implement; it is a human characteristic that comes out and driven by beliefs and values which are upheld by the leaders.

If the company’s culture is toxic, leaders are toxic. If the culture is incredible, leaders are too. Culture and leadership are inextricably linked. They are really two sides of the same coin.

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