World Sales Organization

While some countries after still studying, examining and reporting some side effects of the vaccines after the roll-out. The World Health Organization has unquestionably decided and reported that there is no evidence of a link between AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine and clots. The WHO might be right or wrong regarding the link between the vaccine and clots, but their predetermined insistence that there is no link at all is the arrogance of ignorance. This is the epidemic of all time not COVID-19. It appears that the WHO rigorous testing system is unmistakable. When the WHO science talks, everyone should bow down. Their science is godly.

It is worth reiterating to the WHO that science is not forceful and always permits a margin of error. Science accepts mistakes, criticism and correction. These are the building blocks of science not only in the health sector but in all fields. The WHO has turned into sales not health. They are almost running a PR business for Pharma companies.

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