Mass Psychology 

One of the most startling aspects of mass psychology is that people blindly conform to accepted norms, ideas, hypotheses and thinking as right. The group ability to question gradually weakens because these concepts and ideas are already inherited as right and unquestionable.  

Conformity is about compliance which is very risky. It diminishes the ability to propose new thinking and kills improvement. Universities are a prime example. Their ideas and teachings are godly and biblical. A lot of their teachings are wrong, yet students parrot them every day.

Conformity wins.  

Treatable but not curable is a key fundamental medical notion in most medical schools around the world about cancer. Most doctors parrot information learned in medical schools, which are mostly funded by the pharmaceutical companies. Their business model would become obsolete if there was a shortage in the number of patients.   

The current system is set up to produce obedient students, workers, professionals and even intellectuals who are pre-programmed not to contest and gradually lose the ability to think. Ready-made answers are the best answers.   

I wrote about one of the examples in the introduction of my book, Separating Grain from Chaff about inflation which is defined by central banks and business schools as a continual and sustained increase in the price of goods and services. Business schools have been glorifying this concept for decades.  

Under why do we need quantitative easing?  

BOE explains we are tasked with keeping inflation – rises in the prices of goods and services – low and stable. 

They create currency out of thin air, flood the market then they are tasked with keeping inflation low. They created the problem and their job is to resolve it.  The more currency in the market, the higher the prices. Who is rising the prices? Who is diminishing your purchasing power?   

Parroting wrong concepts in business schools around the world is shocking. Pre-programming mass psychology again wins.  

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