Just ink and paper

The illiteracy rate among people holding associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees is alarmingly shocking. Illiteracy does not only mean the inability to read or write. It is the inability to think. Most students are the end-product of a global educational system that, in its very structure, designed to produce conformists who are pre-programmed to […]

Courage and knowledge

They can create miracles if utilized correctly. A very knowledgeable person who lacks courage will not go far. A scared leader will inspire no one. He or she will stay invisible. Knowledge is important, but courage is crucial. Courage without knowledge leads to unintended consequences. Courage and knowledge are twins and they are essential to […]

Mass Psychology 

One of the most startling aspects of mass psychology is that people blindly conform to accepted norms, ideas, hypotheses and thinking as right. The group ability to question gradually weakens because these concepts and ideas are already inherited as right and unquestionable.   Conformity is about compliance which is very risky. It diminishes the ability to […]