Grow your emotional intelligence, but do not be the psychologist. Part 2.

We cannot say that they are missing the most important human skill, they did not develop it. It is not the lack of emotional skills, it is the underdevelopment. Social awareness is what required to be an emotionally intelligent creature. It is how to deal with other people’s emotions and be socially aware. If you are socially unaware, sustaining relationships with people is short term. If you are also socially unaware, your self-awareness is hijacked or does even not exist.

Emotionally unintelligent people are socially awkward. Admitting that they are socially awkward is to establish the fact they engage, disengage and become disinterested quickly. The best way to get through to them is to know that for the sake of your mental health.

kamil toume

Avoid the role of the psychologist. 

Meeting emotionally unintelligent people happens every day at work, college, in the neighbourhood and probably within the family unit. Dealing with them requires a self-care attitude where you need to cut negativity around you and take responsibility to preserve yourself. Do not confront their behaviours which could impact your life negatively. Hi and Bye is enough and if it gets worse, ditching them is the best way to protect yourself. When it comes to people whom you genuinely worried about, direct them to the specialist if you can, but do understand that you are not the psychologist.

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