First grow your emotional intelligence then grow everything else. Part 1.

You ring someone on Monday and he or she replies your call on Thursday. You text folks on WhatsApp, they see your text and they respond to your message after a couple of days. You email people, but they do not get back to you in a week. You talk to colleagues in the lobby or in the kitchen at lunch time and some of them do not know what to talk about if it is non-business.

It is the emotional intelligence crisis. The inability to listen, understand and communicate effectively showing respect towards other people. We cannot blame technology and social media every single time for the loss of our human skills and how we communicate with each other as human beings.

I am working with someone who is one of the nicest people on the planet, but he suffers from the lack of verbal communication skills, written and spoken communication. All his good deeds were distorted by his poor communication skills. He forgets that communication is a two way process. After careful consideration and when confronted him with the facts, he said that he is always busy and there is no time to pick up calls and answer emails. His problem is not busyness and business, his main problem is that his emotional intelligence did not develop well.

Both business and busyness do not legitimize possessing poor emotional intelligence. The best thing we can do is first to develop our emotional intelligence then develop everything else. It is a must have skill for everyone that distinguishes humans from all other species.

To be continued part 2

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