Why are most recruitment solutions dysfunctional by default?

Attract, source, hire, on-board, retain, reward then fire. This is how most cloud based recruiting solutions are built and configured to secure the right talents. Accelerating the hiring process through streamlining the process to engage candidates and their management. The source of power comes from the system capability to hire the best candidates for the job. The more advanced the recruitment system , the higher the calibre of the candidates. Candidates’ engagement experience is system related.

Systems speed up the process, but do not help to choose the right people.

Design matters more than the speed.

Understanding human psychology is a must, but never embedded in the recruitment equation.

From the time, recruiters used to pile up CVs up on their desks till the advent of the most advanced IT recruiting solutions, the problem is still the lack of understanding how to attract the right people and avoid the misfits. They enhance and update the systems, yet the problem is still unresolved.

kamil toume

What is the problem?

Recruitment solutions have streamlined the process, but did not improve it. Failing here is by design. What is crucial is the suitability of the candidates and their conformity with the environment they are coming to. Three major problems underpin the whole process. Most organisations are cultureless,  bosses are subordinate to technology and the absence of leadership has promoted unqualified managers to run the show.

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