The biblical protocols of the industry.

Name any industry and you find a list of red tape protocols that never end. Abiding them shows your professionality. Challenging them shows your inexperience.

Let’s consider the HR and recruitment industry and take a pause at its protocols. Google the word interviews, strike your keyboard and zillions of articles come up. Go to any college and the same shits being repeated and told.

Prepare a good CV
The things you should do
The things you should not do
The things you should wear for the interview
The things you should not wear for interview.
How to answer this question or that one?

Practising mistakes and stupid outdated concepts is generational

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are planning to conquer Mars and the HR industry masters are still glorifying the biblical protocols of the past.

Study well

Sink in student loans

Load your CV with skills and attach piles of certificates

Colour it to impress recruiters.

Recruiters scan your resume in 3 seconds.

Put on a tuxedo for interview

Get the job

Obey your boss

Get stressed

Get fired

Look for the next job.

Well done. You are doing great in the rat race.

The absence of great leadership is a disaster for all. The absence of great leaders has retarded businesses. The absence of great leaders has promoted “The managers” to run the show. The absence of great leaders is the absence of radical change.

A lot of managers, few leaders. A lot of conformists, few challengers. A lot of yes, Ma’am / Sir”, few disruptors. It is the lack of leaders. It is also the lack of understanding great leadership. Confusion prevailed for too long and the factories model of management has become a norm and the main curriculum in business schools.

What makes a great leadership?

What makes a great leader?

Who can effect change?

Who can lead?

What is the metrics that separates the wheat from the chaff, the good leaders from the bad leaders? There should be a simple and clear metrics that does a fine measurement. This is the core of my first book coming soon.

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