Can you choose your life partner in two interviews that each lasts 30 minutes?

If the answer is yes, good luck, probably luck will be your best friend and happiness is at your doorstep. If the answer is no, then your answer implies a slower process that requires mutual exchange of views, thoughts, shared values and beliefs. This process cannot be decided and agreed upon in two quick dates that are governed by courtesies and show offs. Marriage does not happen in a 30-minute interview and the same applies to recruitment.

Most job sites including LinkedIn lists resumes that are loaded with skills and competencies. LinkedIn shows the number of connections that the job seekers have and some references and recommendations that do not add up to the right selection. The cracks of the broken model of leadership first appear in most companies in the way they recruit people. It is impossible to choose like-minded and like-hearted people in one, two or three interviews where the skills’ metric is the judge.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is not a ready-made solution that can be applied instantly and guarantees success. The solution is a serious reconsideration for the leadership in the whole organisation. The alternative to the skills metric is the purpose, culture and values metric that can be used to attract those who fit not the misfits. How to use this metric? Leadership is the answer. Some leading companies around the world use their purpose and culture to get the right people on board. They know that training people on the right skills is doable but getting people who uphold the same values and share the same purpose is not an easy task.

The reason most companies fail to recruit people based on the purpose metric is simple. How do you get people who are like you if you do not know who you are as a leader and as a business?

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