How long does it take to recruit and retain a great friend?

It takes ages to get and retain a good friend. You experience with them the highs and lows of life which test the ins and outs of the friendship. Befriending people is easy, but keeping the right friends takes time and effort. It is no different in recruitment. It is still about people. A company is just a group of people. The reason recruitment sucks is because HR people do not have a basic understanding of social psychology and human nature. Great human relationships and friendships are about mutual undying trust. Trust is a never taught subject in business schools. The factory model of management in companies today is completely inherited from the outdated mechanical concepts taught in business schools.

The absurdity of recruitment is that they hire people in the blink of an eye and expect people to stay or retain them forever. In a world full of complexities and differences, how do you know if you are partnering up with the right people?

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