Ready to get started?

The absence of great leadership has caused major problems. Confusing management with leadership is the most overlooked problem of our time. To kick off and embark on the right leadership journey, it is worth answering the questions below.

What is your purpose as a leader?

Have you actioned your purpose? if yes, how?

How has your purpose positively impacted people’s lives?

If you do not have answers to these questions or unwilling to think and answer them, you fall under management and there is nothing wrong with that. No one can flood the world from an empty cup. You cannot be a leader and you are leaderless, namely purposeless. It is called integrity.

2 thoughts on “Ready to get started?

    1. Hi Mohammad, thanks for your comment, let me put it this way, leaders cannot inspire a great leadership if the most fundamental law of leadership is violated. This law is called purpose. You can hardly find a great leader who is purposeless. Integrity here means if you are acting in a leadership capacity and your purpose as a leader is not clearly articulated and demonstrated, your leadership is in doubt.

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