The next ten years

Undoubtedly, they would be much harder than the last 10 years. COVID has rung the bell for 2020 announcing a new decade of pandemics, lockdowns, restrictions, and vaccines. Going back to normality is an illusion. I am not pessimistic, but I am in favour of doing a reality check that is real. Lack of freedom […]

Do not deify your information

Sourcing information from one single source and consider it the most trusted is arrogance. If you want to be a well-informed doctor, studying and sticking to the way the information is regimented and taught in the medical schools is a disrespect to your intellectual faculties. If you want to be a notable economist, thinking economy […]

As-Is and To-Be

The “as-is” in business is the present situation without making any changes and adjustments. To-be is the future state. As Is mapping reveals how the business is operating today. To-be indicates how the business will operate in the future. If we take this at the personal not the business level, as-is and to-be mechanism teaches […]

Speech is no longer free

The pyramids of power have tightened the grip on the power of speech around the world. Anyone with a contradicting point of view poses a danger to the public. The accusation is that they are disinforming the public. Silencing them is the quickest way. On mainstream media, the talking heads are in tandem with the […]

What does it need to be a politician?

A degree in political science might be helpful, but it does not give politicians the right experience to do the job. There is a must do class that allows all would be or existing politicians to stand from the crowd. It is an acting class. Why is it important? Performing drama, tragedy and action in one […]

Action verbs matter for 2021.

No miracles will unfold in the new year unless you win the lottery. What you started in 2020 will continue its uptrend or downtrend trajectory in 2021. You will harvest what you planted. The coming 365 days are the continuation of the past 365 days. Rather than wishing and hoping a happy new year, use […]

Fear machines

With a quick glimpse at the news headlines, the most observable thing among most newspapers around the world is that they are fear based news. Fear is a built in feature. If you doubt me, please grab your phone, go to any newspaper website or app on your phone and check the rate of fear […]

Contradicting states of mind

Why do people fail to eliminate a heavily reinforced, deep rooted acquired belief, habit or a thought? Why do they fail to develop and sustain new desired habits? People forget that beliefs, habits, norms or thoughts took so long to materialize. Eliminating a deep rooted belief system does not happen overnight. It does not work […]

Definiteness matters

If someone says let us finish this project next year. When? Which month? In March, May or September. Not timing the start and the end of the project increases confusion and distresses people. It might take between 6 to 12 months to decide your application. This is very confusing. It would be better to say […]


They agree with me and agree with them even they hold contrary views to mine. They change positions quickly. Their argument is weak. They read, but they do not understand. They take it, but they do not validate it. They talk it, but they do not have the courage to walk it. They call it […]