Great reporters educate not scare people.

Listening to the mainstream media and newspapers, you will easily find that all headlines, stories and insights are fear based. Grab any newspaper or go online and you will experience how fear is excessively pumped into all news. Over the last two months, everyone across the globe has witnessed the madness that is sweeping over […]

Together not far from each other

One of the most startling features of our human race is our ability to form groupings, tribes, and societies in which people develop an affinity and attachment to each other. History shows us that cooperating humans had an edge over non-cooperating ones. Socially bonded together is far much better than socially distanced from each other.

Ignorance kills

Do not react, act. Do not blindly and naively accept and take stuff. Develop a strong immunity. Question, reason and ask more. Read more and diversify your sources. Hear the like-minded and the unlike-minded.

Trust is gold

Trust in plain English is when you feel safe in the presence of someone. How many people do you feel safe in their presence defines true friendship? How much do you trust your partner or lover determines the quality and the longevity of the relationship? How much do you trust your gut instinct determines your […]

Fake or not

Voicing an opinion that runs counter to the mainstream is sometimes being ridiculed and presented as fake. The pyramids of power do that directly or indirectly on purpose