Thinking in probabilities

Is there a guaranteed outcome? Certainly no, embracing this no allows you to embrace the risk in any given situation. Understanding that there is a risk does not mean that you are accepting the risk. This is what it means to think in probabilities. Since the outcomes are not always guaranteed, it means that there […]

What is your manifesto?

In other words, what is your philosophy? What are you trying to tell the world? What are you standing firm for? What are your values, beliefs, and principles? What is your vision? What is your purpose?

Rethink your life

Is your life intentional or coincidental? Are you living your life with a well- thought-out plan, or it is taken for granted? Does what you do in life give you a deep satisfaction, make you fulfilled, proud, and excited to wake up the next day? Do you know? What drives you? What moves you? What […]

Wonderful couple

When it comes to developing any skill, it takes time and effort to master the trade. Nothing happens overnight. For example, no one can be a professional writer or an author by writing a couple of paragraphs. If patience is lost, you lose the ability to make headway. Patience needs discipline and the opposite is […]

Making mistakes

The global educational system fails students everyday by teaching them that making mistakes is a stigma. In real life, successful people who have made it know that mistakes are an essential part of the journey. Learning from mistakes ensures long-lasting success. It is the most astounding thing that they regularly master. Failure teaches success.

Reading and comprehension are two different things.

Reading something once and twice does not mean grasping the full meaning and getting to the core of the idea. Skimming and scanning are reading techniques that use┬árapid eye movement to move quickly through text to get a general overview. Reading rapidly to find specific facts does not imply full comprehension. Most people think that […]

Purpose is not a luxury.

All of us have been conditioned and influenced by our parents, friends, teachers, and colleagues. Therefore, most of us have been pressured to pursue certain things in life which probably did not add any satisfaction and value to our lives. The power of purpose is in refocusing and realigning our deepest passions, desires, experiences, and […]

Determination is everything

Anyone can think, plan and design, but execution requires a strong will to make it happen. Most of us fail to achieve our projects not because of the lack of resources, but due to the lack of will and determination to do so. Success is the ultimate test of our perseverance.

Respecting deadlines

Skipping one deadline permits us to skip another one. It is like skipping a diet and returning to our old bad eating habits. The power of consistency is powerful. Discipline is a king. If we stick to the new rules and obey them, it builds a momentum that encourages us to keep up the good […]