Mentors not managers are needed

Since most hiring in companies is managerially done. Managerially means the recruitment drive is done by managers and the assessment is based on skills and technical competencies only. The result is that managers hire future managers. The result is a very committed managerial organization that is hard to shift to a leaderly position. When leadership is absent, not taught and practised within organizations. Managers will keep managing not coaching and mentoring. They do not know how to do it. Mentoring is completely different from managing, organizing one to one sessions with staff and conducting corporate performance appraisals.

Organizations need mentors, leaders who can help people tap into their fullest potential not managers who are just trained technical knowledge towers promoted based on technical experience to manage things. Mentoring and inspiring people is a different business. The quickest and easiest way to a spot a mentorless, namely a leaderless organization is to watch their recruitment. If it is done based on skills alone, mentorship and leadership are surely scarce. If recruitment is done based on skills and values and culture together, there is an indication that leadership is alive inside.

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