Velocity of failure

Success stories are glorified and celebrated everywhere. In schools, they reward straight A’s and demote B’s and C’s . Failure is a stigma for most people. Everyone talks about success, its arts and techniques. Few who teach us how to fail and what to do when we fail.

Do not tell me succeed, teach me how to fail.

Failure is an art like all other arts. It is learnable and teachable.

They depict success as a one- off jump. In reality, success is a series of failures. The more we fail and understand our mistakes, the quicker we improve and move. The velocity of failure gets us ready to take big leaps not steps. 

It is very embarrassing to fail. Others are there to laugh at you. Failure is impermissible. The society will judge and reward those who made it only. I have never heard of a true successful person who made no mistakes.

Fail, learn to improve and try again are the rules of the game, but few who understand and apply them.  

Everyone looks at and examines the tip of the iceberg. “Success”. Failures and defeats are not often pictured. Under the tip of each iceberg, there are massive failures to learn and take wisdom from.

Failure is an art. Mastering this art demands trying and failing then trying and failing again.

It is a never ending cycle. Those who quit the cycle never reach success. To me, success is one word which is failure.

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