Your loyalty does not add up. You are dispensable.

Business restructuring has become the business news headlines in the UK since Brexit referendum that took place on 23 June 2016. As Brexit is hardly sorted, most businesses are still dejected. Morrisons’ supermarkets confirmed plans to axe 3000 managerial roles across its stores. Other retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda will follow suit. Boots the chemist threatens more job cuts to reshape as well.

Brexit uncertainty is the bogeyman. The only workaround for businesses is to restructure and cut cost.

Last weekend, I had a conversation with one of my friends whose wife works in Boots, he told me that one of the senior managers lost her job when restructuring plans started to take effect in the company. Shivering in fear worried about the loss of their jobs, will other managers and senior managers stay loyal and committed?

Nothing much to say to companies that are planning to axe jobs and dismiss staff. They believe in numbers more than people. What I urge them to do is to stop these silly employee engagement training programs and reward schemes.  

In good days

They reward their employees for their hard work, effort, dedication and loyalty.

In bad days

They lay them off because they cannot compromise their numbers. Sorry, your dedication and loyalty do not please our shareholders and board of directors. You are a cost that must be slashed.

To the worriers, employees working in money-centric organizations

You should have already known that your company’s prime goal is to make a profit. You come second, third or fourth in terms of importance. If you work for one of these target driven companies and you have ever thought that you come first for them, your naivety should teach you a big lesson.

The lesson is that in profit- driven businesses, if they do not hit their targets, get yourself ready. You are the target.

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