The memorization phenomenon

What is the longest river in the world?

Who is the 12th president of the United States?

Who invented television?

Who invented telephone first?

Where is the tallest building in the world?

What is the point of memorizing the answers for such questions? Does it measure intelligence? Certainly, no. Google provides all the answers in seconds.

This phenomenon is one of the most remarkable achievements of the educational institutions around the world. All of them. Most teachers or educators that i met in different countries started like this, we have the best educational system in the world, yet, their whole system” universally speaking” is just rote learning that is based on repetition.

Repeating information over and over again. This kills any sense of creative thinking.

What makes a great educational system are the missing success factors which include: a higher purpose, a crystal clear simple vision, inspiration, yearning not learning, curiosity, creativity, autonomy, collective and critical thinking.

It is called “Think tanks” not learning tanks. Are these learning institutions worldwide able to understand this and make the shift towards thinking?

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