How to deal with misfits in organisations?

Bringing the right people into the organisation is the leaders’ job. Getting people on board who culturally fit the business culture is the leaders’ job. The leaders are all those who are involved in the recruitment process from the CEO, executive managers, recruiters, managers, supervisors and staff members.

When the misfits infiltrate the ranks of the organisation and form legions, the legions develop and grow uncontrollably to become malignant inflicting the whole organisation. Who are we going to blame? 

Is firing the misfits the solution?

The punchline is that if you want to fire them, why did you hire them? But since this is the case now, the next step is to coach the misfits about the rules of tribe. Coaching and inspiring them to play tribally and culturally with other team members should be the leaders’ focus. Give them one, two, three and even six chances to try the cooperative game. If the misfits find the tribal rules unplayable and they are unwilling to mingle culturally with others. It is time to protect your tribe and put the signs showing the company doors.

Great leaders do not fire people even the misfits.

Wrong, they do. Great leaders inspire,empower and support people. Great leaders give chances and coach tirelessly. Great leaders communicate the rules of the tribe clearly. Great leaders’ attract people who share the same purpose and business values. They hire based on purpose not based on shiny CVs which are loaded with skills. Had the leaders made a mistake and brought the wrong people to the tribe, they would have coached them and if it did not work, letting the misfits go is the only solution.

kamil toume

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