Collapse is not by default, it is always manmade.

History speaks volumes about the collapse of civilizations. The last 12,000 years witnessed the rise and the fall of small, medium, and big empires. Hundreds of books have been written about the subject. History scholars, archaeologists, and anthropologists have presented irrefutable proofs about the factors that contributed to the rise as well as the demise.

The behavior of the elites originated from a materialistic basis as opposed to a moral one. Few favored the interests of the community over their own short term Interests. Extracting more wealth and exercising more power governed their behavior. All of them were destined to fail and fall. Collapse does not fall from the sky and the sky does not thunder earthly kingdoms with failure seeds. As farmers throw the seeds in their fields and water them to harvest them when they grow. Rulers over history and in our modern times threw and continue to throw the seeds of the collapse to manipulate people, control them, destroy their sense of pride, and discourage their genuine contribution to their nations. All of that was to extract more and give less.

No matter how small or big the empires and states were, they were built to enrich the elites. Eventually, all were destined to develop cracks that caused the downfall of the entire system. That led inevitably to catastrophic suffering and bad outcomes not only for the people but also for the elites themselves. This is not my assumption; It is history “Collapse is not by default; it is always manmade.

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