Great leadership demands a new way of communication.

As a leader, you cannot build and inspire a great leadership while all the laws of leadership are violated. Yielding huge impacts requires a huge understanding of what great leadership is. As far as great leadership is concerned, there is no bad or good leadership or something in between. Grey area has nothing to do with leading. There are only great leaders who inspire and care for people. Others who do not fall under this category are managers and there is nothing wrong with that.

The importance of this article is a reminder to all leaders or the would-be ones that great leadership cannot be reached unless a revolutionized way of communication is adopted and promoted. “Leaders should not only revolutionize their communication but re-humanize it.” I am sorry to announce for all those who belong to the factories way of communication and call themselves leaders do not relate to leadership in any way. Using the current corporate communication is a great victory for capitalism and it’s sister consumerism which sprawled their legs over our lives. The unwillingness to change and replace the industrial and its successor, the capitalist system demonstrates that humans are not at the center yet and the emphasis is still on the pace of production and the exponential growth of profits. Great leadership demands a new way of communication which is revolutionized and re-humanized.

Leaders speak proudly about corporate achievements but rarely do their actions reflect significant changes in people’s lives. Which companies are worth praising? How many leaders deserve our respect and attention? I would leave the answer for you.

Most corporate cultures are sufficient to have discouraged the majority of leaders from making any serious attempt to carry out a major transformation. One of the most common failures for most leaders is that they are overtaken by a mechanical and corporate communication that has no influence but to demotivate and stress people. In an answer to all the challenges, one sound and simple idea is to redefine some words, replace others and use a re-humanized way of communication which shall be the daily norm inside organizations. It should be the breakfast and lunch for daily consumption in the business world. People have lost sight of each other as human beings. Leaders have a huge responsibility to inspire a humane way of communication. To do that, leaders must agree on a new system that must eradicate the old one.

The new system should start with re-humanizing the dehumanized way of communication. This is the first wise thing for leaders to do to become humanly aware of their leadership responsibility. For example, the first word that should be re-humanized is the word” employee”. If you look it up in any dictionary, the definition is “A person who works for another person or for a company for a wage or a salary”.

What is the alternative?  

The alternative is to use words that have a humane connotation. Using the word” Associates” will be favorably received and valued by people. It implies the meaning of partnership. By definition,it means, “a person who you work with or spend time with”. It refers to a level of companionship or camaraderie. This slight change brings a massive impact on people’s lives. If your manager tells you that you are a great associate, partner, or a great employee. Which one matters the most? Which one makes you more feel more valuable as a human being?

Proposing a new system of communication in companies could pleasantly and positively be of priceless value to people. No matter which industry or country, leaders can inspire a new way that becomes the norm. The mechanical and factories language prevailing since the 17th and 18th centuries have made it not only necessary but compulsory for leaders to revolutionize and re-humanize it. Communication is the oxygen of a great culture. For leaders who underestimate the power of using a humane communication will be at the cost of losing their title of leadership. If the mission of corporatism today is to keep the standing system which is designed for compliance and no challenge. It is time to remind leaders that they must break the silence and have an impact on the world.

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