True leaders eliminate corporate jargon

The industrial approach which has heavily dominated companies since the 17th and 18th centuries is still prevalent. Although the name changed from industrial to corporate, this type of communication springs from the mindset of managers and is cherished daily in their communication.

True leaders strive to humanize the dehumanizing corporate communication

Touching the lives of people positively is a critical component of great communication and is a tremendous motivational power. Some of the most dehumanizing words include employees, customers, human resources, management, hiring, etc. They should be eliminated. A change does not happen overnight, but the leaders who have the willingness to change can adapt quickly. Using words that have humane connotations that add and convey meaning to people is crucial.

If your manager were to tell you that you are a great associate, partner, or employee, which would make you feel more valuable as a human being? 

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