The interpretability of leadership has confused people

When people talk about entirely different things, they experience different views, which lead to different terms and implications. The outcomes will also be different. The interpretability of leadership has confused people as it means different things to different people.

Although passion, courage, enthusiasm, and integrity as well as an ability to communicate and delegate are must haves, they do not make great leaders on their own. Also, different leadership styles such as strategic, transformational, cross-cultural, facilitative, servant, democratic, situational, and charismatic and many other styles can be confusing. The confusion comes from the difficulty in choosing the best style that is suitable for a particular circumstance.

A mark or standard upon which the leaders’ contributions are measured and easily judged is needed. As such, the importance of the hierarchies of business and human needs is that they do not only redefine leadership about its true meaning, they provide the scale to discern the contributors from the non-contributors and the leaders from the non-leaders.

Find more about the hierarchies of business and human needs

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