To the heads and deans of business schools around the world

To the heads of business schools whose institutions offer and teach management and leadership MBA programs and different training programs. Please read and understand the following statement below because the lack of leadership in your educational institutions has adversely affected people in businesses around the world.

The idea of managing and controlling things is logistically and technically understandable, but the notion of managing and controlling people is dehumanizing. People strive to be inspired and empowered, not controlled, monitored, and managed. Managing people in organizations is evidently practiced in most companies around the world. Manageable items include assets, capital, machinery, land, stock, systems, but not people. This major difference should be understood and applied.

P.S: Please ignore this post and accept my apology if your business schools do not have courses under the name of human resources management,managing people in organisations, people management and managing human capital.

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