A great culture is visible

A culture is not the sum of polices and procedures that the business sets and follows. It is not an HR policy that stipulates the organisational norms. A culture is not also the guiding document that determines how the business operates and behaves corporately. A culture is not aspirational slogans and goals.

A culture is the oxygen of the company. A great culture is certainly visible when people as associates, customers, suppliers and visitors experience joy and kindness everyday when dealing and interacting with each other. A great culture is also felt when you see staff are self-motivated, passionate and kind. It is when you see people genuinely care and look after each other. if you cannot see all of this, the culture is corporate, mechanical and dead.

Eliminating the top-down corpocracy and re-humanizing the menchical HR department, its officers and managers is the first step to spread the joy of the new culture. Creating, instilling and scaling a great culture needs an organisation which is full of leaders not managers then the culture gradually becomes visible.

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