Street Selling Tactics are foolish. Understanding business is a must.

They start with big smiles and handshakes; can I stop you for a second please? All of us encounter the annoying salespeople who walk the streets trying to sign us up for regular direct deposits. This kind of street selling is the foolishest selling technique ever existed.

Street selling is not only salesy but annoying and noisy.

The techniques they use are deliberately pushy, manipulative and fake. Stop, we need your money. Turning people’s attention is not sustainable through clowning. Show the value you are creating. Avoid we are cheaper and better. Training their sales reps on how to sell anything to anyone is stupid.

These companies fail to understand that selling is not about pushing people to sign up and pay instantaneously. Selling is about creating value without even opening your mouth. Most people do their homework online before spending a penny. They observe, compare then buy. Value creation should be the primary focus of any business.

kamil toume

Create and add value constantly not temporarily to your customers. It takes time. If so, people will spread the word about your business and offerings much better than the jumping clowns on streets called salespeople.

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