Mechanical or leaderly

Most companies chat and chant about their transformational strategies and dynamic workplaces. Most HR directors and managers keep busy implementing the changes. The outcomes are always slogans that remain unactionable, no matter how the HR and OD fleets push. They always get the same results. As a result, change does not happen and frustration prevails.

A great culture is cultivated by the daily actions of its leaders not by slogans,speeches and colourful statements hanged on the walls. Employees, customers and suppliers have the natural ability to smell, see and taste a great culture in their daily interaction with the organisation.

It is easy to spot a great business culture.

Most companies spend years discussing the best ways to transform their businesses and cultures, the outcomes remain amorphous and difficult to be measured.

We did it, but no one can feel it and see it. It is just in the eye of the beholder.

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