The next financial crisis

Contrary to the mainstream financial geniuses and economists who preach us every single day gibberishly, I have developed the skill of observing helicopterly. Observing autonomously away from all the media noise and the complicated economic language that is deliberately used to confuse people.

Simplicity hurts as it exposes the ongoing economic trickery and manipulation.

It is shockingly foolish how the academia and today’s media misinterpret what is happening economically. Let’s stop this rant, be specific and avoid the unneeded intros.

What caused and who caused the financial crises?

Ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. Booms and busts. This is the choreography of most economies worldwide. Who oversee and have power over the economy? Central banks not governments.

So goes the central bank, so goes the government, so goes the economy.

Central banks supply and extract currency in the market. They print currency out of thin air and inject it then extract it. Recessions, depressions, great depressions, slowdowns, inflation, deflation, stagflations, crises, busts, meltdowns and collapses are the outcomes.

Always learn from history. History is a great teacher and helps us to connect the dots that they want us to disconnect.

The next financial crisis.

The number of analysts, commentators and economists whose job is to predict the next financial crisis are difficult to be hand- counted. The point is not the exact timing of the next financial crisis and the necessary precautions that should be taken.

It is about the cure.

Curing cancer with aspirins does not make any difference. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not curing medications. They alleviate the pain and clinically make it worse. Eliminating the source of the disease is the solution not the number of doses given to the patient after cancer has infiltrated and spread over the whole body.

To be continued…..

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