Redemption, a must-have leadership value

The only real challenge to achieving great leadership is to understand it. Elevating the discussion of leadership is to pinpoint the building blocks of leadership. In his pursuit to accomplish this mission, Dr. Joseph Bucci’ new book, Redemption Inc.: Why Offering Second Chances Makes Good Business Sense clearly elevates the discussion of leadership.

Dr. Bucci is an author, a professor, and a consultant who has used compelling examples in his book by shedding the light on the backbone of leadership, the service, the need for sacrifice and forgiveness and the need for servant leadership. The need for redemption as a leadership value.

What have you done to others as a leader? This is the ultimate and toughest leadership test. Have you empowered, inspired, looked after and most importantly given them the chance to rise to the challenges?

Redemption Inc by Dr. Bucci is an inspiring guide to understand leadership and the concept of service, redemption as a must-have leadership value and norm in today’s business and non-business world.


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