The metric is deliberately rigged.

The standard of measurement is the number of followers and likes. This is how people on social media measure their success and fame. Social media machines have controlled people by manipulative metrics. Psychological manipulation is deviously used to change people’s behaviour. Social media trigger the chemicals in the brain which are responsible for gratification, reward, and pleasure. Higher number of followers and likes boosts the hits of the brain chemicals which stimulate gratification.

The more, the better is the primary stimulator of the brain reward circuit. People have become addicted. The longer and the more pleasurable the stimuli are, the stronger the association with the rewards. This disrupts the brain’s reward system if overstimulated.

If people failed to score more likes and followers on their accounts, they immediately become and feel disappointed, useless, hopeless, lonely, jealous, and impatient. These are some of the damaging psychological impacts. I know many professional people who feel inferior because they have a lower number of followers on their social media handles. If people do not understand how the social media system is rigged, they easily and subconsciously fall victims to its evils. It is a downward spiral.

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