Leaders attract believers, not skeptics

Let us consider this example below of an advertised job opportunity for the position of priest in the Catholic Church to examine how attracting the people who share the same ideology and belief is critical in attracting the right people.


A Roman Catholic priest is needed to coordinate and participate in Roman Catholic religious functions as required. Must adhere to the principles of Roman Catholicism service in guiding behaviors, philosophy, and mission in all aspects of job performance.


Master’s degree in an area of the discipline of theology, ordination, and ecclesiastical endorsement.


Prefer two to three years of pastoral experience after ordination.

These are the requirements that the church needs to get the priest on board. Let us consider the position summary again; the church needs a Roman Catholic priest to coordinate and participate in Roman Catholic religious functions. Assuming some of the applications were from non-Catholic denominations, such as Orthodox or Protestant denominations, would the Catholic Church consider them? No. Although they might possess all the credentials and qualifications to assume the job, they do not follow and believe in the Catholic faith. What matters is the belief, not the credentials.

Why is it different entirely in the business world? The ideologies and the beliefs that drive the purpose of the business should be the determining factors in choosing the right people. Competency matters, but it does not add up to bringing the right people to the right organization. Businesses are not made up of structure and policies; they are made up of people. Choosing the right people who share the same cause ensures the longevity and sustainability of the business. It is the primary success factor with regards to building a great culture. 

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