Arrogance in ignorance

The inability to take a step back and reconsider their positions if they are wrong is the disease inflicting the educated. They consider it a weakness. They blindly embrace some views as godly. As a matter of fact, this is all inherited from the industrial age top down system. Most people have been conditioned to think and behave this way for so long. The boss, teacher, professor said that and everyone must adhere to it. Challenging the few at the top renders you disruptive and non -compliant. For example, in the era of COVID-19, people who attempt to openly challenge the subject renders them conspiracy theorists and spreaders of false and fake news. There is no room for discussions. It is a one-way system.

The beauty of learning is continuous improvement. The beauty of science is in making mistakes. The beauty of entrepreneurship is in doing, failing and trying again. The beauty of being an intellect is to accept the fact that you might be wrong. It is a bless. The curse of being arrogant is to stay ignorant

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