Contradicting states of mind

Why do people fail to eliminate a heavily reinforced, deep rooted acquired belief, habit or a thought? Why do they fail to develop and sustain new desired habits?

People forget that beliefs, habits, norms or thoughts took so long to materialize. Eliminating a deep rooted belief system does not happen overnight. It does not work like formatting a computer or resetting a mobile phone. We are humans not machines. Understanding this basic psychology of our nature as humans helps us to gradually deactivate the undesirable existing beliefs not hopelessly work to eliminate them.

For example, getting in shape for overweight people causes two contradictory states of mind. The desire to be in shape and the past failures to achieve this desire. The solution to deactivate the old belief system is consistency. Consistency is a king and patience is a queen. They are must have tools to the big shift.

Getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle can be a daunting task if there is a lack of consistency. It depends on the individual strength and endurance to exercise regularly and eat healthy. After losing a few kilos, people start to notice the difference. Therefore, the old system “we cannot do it” enters the deactivation mode and the shit towards the new system “we can do it” kicks off. Progress matters. It nourishes the new reality.

The unwillingness to be consistently consistent always reinforces the old belief system, thus change is daunting or even impossible.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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