Heads or Tails

It is not flipping a coin. It is not about probabilities, statistics, assumptions, presumptions and complex modelling predicting the winner. Which candidate is the best choice for the stock market or for the stimulus checks? Who will win the US presidential election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 Trump or Biden? Thinking this question causes you a blurry vision or completely blinds you to see the bigger picture.

A defender or a striker. Does it matter?

The current outlook in the world and particularly in the US does not imply defending. Playing defense at this stage is discounted and Biden is a defense player. Despite Trump’s overinflated ego and self-centered leadership style, the odds are in his favor. He is a striker. He flared up the fire with China causing trade and currency wars. Covid-19 has kicked off the global recession and gradually intensified the culminating financial crisis which complicated Trump’s position. The global debt bubble is exploding, and the dollar crisis is looming. A new monetary system is also ushering. Will Biden change positions and shift to offence? Or the best defense is a good offense.

The maestro is not in the White House

The nation’s booms and busts are not played out by the man sitting in the oval office in the White House, they are orchestrated by the maestro of the Federal Reserve whose orchestra compose, play and move all the strings. If someone thinks the red or the blue president influences the major events is dumb politically and economically. So, what is the tactic now? Offence or defense.

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