The absurdity of business schools. Strive to educate not disorientate

How do you trust MBA programs in which the economics courses require an interpreter to understand the gibberish jargon? Confusion and ambiguity are critical in compiling economic courses because simplicity will lead to debunking the misconceptions, which is the most undesirable outcome. They teach that debt can be paid off, but this is impossible in the current banking system.

Central banks create a debt-based currency and lend to governments. To simplify, if the central bank creates a million dollars and charges 2% interest, how is this interest paid? Where does it come from? It does not exist at all. It must first be created by the central bank then borrowed. 

How do you trust an economics course that teaches inflation as a continual and sustained increase in the price of goods and services? What a misleading definition! Inflation is an economic trickery performed by private corporations known as central banks that print money (aka ‘fiat currency’) out of thin air. When the prices of goods increase, it means the central banks have loaded the printing press with full ink cartridges at full capacity to print fiat currency and inject the market.

Who is responsible for increasing prices continually and crunching parts of people’s monthly income?

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