The online fallacy

The current pandemic has imposed a new reality on the way humans interact and deal with each other. Social distancing has almost become a social norm. Would we get used to it? Humans have the ability to adapt to all circumstances. Our ancestors, Homo Sapiens survived and discovered the world because they did it in groups. They mastered the rules of the cooperative game. They survived together not far from each other.  

Internet has made it easier for a lot of things, but when it comes to human interaction, it will never replace it. The last 20 years have witnessed the birth of all sorts of social media and everyone knows from children to adults that these social platforms have proven unsocial. They have negatively impacted peoples’ psychology. Depression, loneliness, jealously, low self-esteem, envy and other negative feelings have been reported worldwide.

If online is so healthy, why people are moaning around the clock to end the lockdowns and get out of their cages?  

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