The power of learning is thinking.

In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote the famous book, “Think and Grow Rich “not read, learn, memorize and grow rich. Reading something is not thinking. When readers move their eyes to grasp quickly the idea of any text, article, or a book, it is called skimming and scanning. Learning is not about reading; it is the thinking part.  

Reading is very important, but thinking is crucial. Reading is about knowing and accepting the facts. Thinking is about questioning and analyzing the facts. Reading does not mean an understanding. Thinking is an advanced level of understanding because it involves thorough reading.  

In schools and universities, they encourage learning. Students absorb a huge amount of information, then they forget it after exams.  

I have noticed when discussing and arguing with some people, they tell me that this idea or concept is indisputable as it is coming from this source or that source.They read but did not think. Had they questioned then argued, we would have had a healthier discussion.  

People tend to believe all the stuff they read in the newspapers about corona virus. Reading is not thinking. They read but they do not question. 

The best part about thinking is that it enables us to believe or disbelieve something after critically analyzing it. I do admire this part of learning.

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