Purpose speaks louder than words

What really matters in creating, building and achieving something great are the actions not the words. Purpose is an action not contemplating statement.

Most companies envision building a better world, but their actions contradict their words. They lack the fuel to do that.

Vision entices the imagination, purpose propels action.

In other words, actions speak louder than words and so does purpose.  

If an organization does have a sound purpose, creating a vision statement is complementary, the opposite is wrong. Purpose breeds vision not the other way around.

Purpose is born out of a challenge. Vision is created and imagined.

If an organsiation is purposeless, their vision statement is a bunch of words that does not add up. It is born dead.

I love to cite Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa as a leader because his purpose is crystal-clear definition of what makes a great purpose.

To end apartheid and achieve freedom and equality for all south -Africans. Ending apartheid is achieved through action not vivid hopes. His action, purpose transformed South Africa into a multi- racial democracy where all South Africans enjoyed freedom and equality.

He did not only envision freedom and equality for South Africans. He lived his purpose and scarified 27 years in jail to accomplish it.

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