A great customer service becomes greater

A great customer service becomes greater when the customers are no longer viewed and treated as paying customers.

It all starts with eliminating the idea of “Paying customers” from the minds of the customer service agents and officers. The responsibility hinges on the leaders’ shoulders to advocate the right leadership approach in the whole organization.

Instilling the fact that customers are also human beings and creating real human bonds with them ensures a win-win for all. Unfortunately, the mechanical approach is prevalent in most organizations. Most companies cannot adopt a true leadership approach in most business functions because they are leaderless.

Fake it to make it does not work for so long. It is dead easy for people to discern the difference between the caring and the uncaring customer service.

I am not here depicting a utopia that does not exist. I am describing how true leaders behave and act organizationally. How leading companies operate. How great leaders leverage leadership to empower their people and customers. How great leaders and entrepreneurs make more money while maximizing their business impact.

Customer service is not a solo dance, it is a group dance orchestrated by a maestro who is leading by showing the right way.

All of us feel it when we go shopping every day. The way the customer service agents, sales reps and cashiers treat you tells a lot of how their leaders and bosses treat them. Customer service is the true reflection of leadership inside the organization. Customer service staff are the ambassadors of their businesses.

How many great ambassadors are there who provide “a humane” customer service? The answer is……

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