Create meaningful not salesy content.

By: Kamil Toume

Most of the content that is being created and searched on the internet is salesy. What is wrong with that? Some people might say. Nothing wrong beyond the fact that most of the daily created content is confusing, meaningless and valueless. Rarely do we find purposeful and educational content, tweets, retweets, DMs on the web and all sorts of social media channels that educate people. It is about educating people about the best options for them not trick them to buy or use stuff that they do not need.  

Most of the DMs that I usually receive on Twitter are of this type: Hi, I am XYZ, check this out, buy my book, get the best tips to increase your followers, learn the best strategies to boost your sales, etc. Few people who genuinely reach out to meaningful connect not to sell and promote their products and services. In the age of daily confusion online and offline which is called marketing, a revolution in the business of marketing is a must.

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