What is your DNA?

By: Kamil Toume

Purpose is about meaning. It is about the impact you are making? It is the big difference you are bringing to the whole world. It is what you stand for. Purpose is not a plan or goal that is changeable and replaceable if it does not work or accomplished. Purpose is your unique DAN which is uncopiable, unmatchable and unchangeable.

What drives you?

What guides you?

What pulls you?

What inspires you?

What directs you?

Stop searching for your passion and start searching for purpose. Awaken it, ignite it, spark it.

What drives your behavior and action if money evaporates tomorrow?

Purpose is about being fulfilled, so what fulfills you. Purpose is discovering who you truly are. It is the very truth of who you are. Clarity of purpose empowers you to make bolder decisions in your life.

It is about finding the meaning of your life, Your pursuit. The pleasure of your life.

It is about choosing between purposelessness and purposefulness.

Are you purposeful or purposeless?

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