What does a great leadership mean?

  1. What are the top 10 qualities that great leaders have?
  2. What are the 22 qualities that make a great leader?
  3. What are the top five traits that great entrepreneurs possess?
  4. What are the top 10 leadership qualities which were revealed recently?
  5. What are the best three things that most leaders do?
  6. What are the most important fourteen steps into being a great leader and an entrepreneur?
  7. How can you become a great leader in 3 steps?

Honesty, delegation, communication, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, vision, courage, passion, emotional intelligence, judgment, resilience, persuasion, curiosity, clarity, decisiveness, passion, humility, and the list goes on and on. It is disgusting reading, hearing, and watching that every day on social media, blogs, consultancies websites and mainstream news.  Quantifying, Quantifying, Quantifying…………

These are the must have traits in any leader not cherry-picking. They are a combination of qualities that must be part of the leaders’ characters. They do not make great leaders alone. They are the ammunition that all leaders must have before embarking on their missions. Again, all leaders must have these traits before embarking on their missions.

What is the mission of great leaders?

It is the leaders’ pursuit towards achieving something great for the people. It is the genuine contribution to the true needs of people. It is about starting a business that solves a problem and drives prosperity to the whole society not only to the owners and the shareholders.

Great leadership in the business world should be judged and measured on the mark that the leaders’ contribution is beyond money making and short-term interests. The leaders’ achievements come true when the leaders’ sights are always fixated on finding the solutions to the problems facing people in a business model, thus satisfying customers’ true needs not desires and making jobs more meaningful for their associates.

It is about unleashing people’s creativity and enabling them to reach the highest levels of the human psychology which is “fulfilment”. This can be done only through creating an environment where satisfying people’s needs is through making jobs more secure, joyful, and creating a sense of belonging and togetherness in which people’s efforts and contributions are recognised and valued. This is how leaders enable their associates to be fulfilled first to touch positively the lives of other people outside the business boundaries, namely the customers.

This is simply how leaders build a better world, first they aspire to do something big for all humans, inspire people to join then selflessly and genuinely look after them. Anyone can be a leader if their genuine focus is people.

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