The Nature of the Challenge.

 Bad Leadership is the root of the problem

Leaders cannot violate the laws of leadership and still call themselves leaders. As far as great leadership is concerned, there is no bad or good leadership or something in between. Grey area has nothing to do with leading. Most leaders demonstrate through their businesses every day that humans are not at the centre yet and the emphasis is still on the pace of production and the exponential growth of profits. Great leadership demands a new way which is re-humanised.

The problem is that leadership is rarely understood. This lack of understanding and misunderstanding especially by those at the top have caused major problems. The world has been dangerously dehumanised to unprecedented levels through the insatiable greed for profits. People at the top must understand that people come first not the numbers. Bad leadership has contributed to vastly bad and inhumane environments for people. Employees are being treated like disposable assets and customers are being tricked and manipulated every day. Blaming everything except the leaders has exacerbated the problem not only at the business level but globally. Bad leadership is striking everywhere in every industry and country. For employees, the corporate environments are unsafe, stressful, unjoyful, unfulfilling. And for customers, it is very confusing, manipulative and tricking to buy and make decisions.

Redefine leadership about its true meaning is the only way to restore humanity to the corporate world. It is evidently known that people have lost sight of each other as human beings in a money chase pursuit. Raising awareness about the right model of humane leadership, redefining-understanding and applying it is the only way to re-humanise the corporate cultures and business environments in the 21st century.