How long does it take to recruit and retain a great friend?

It takes ages to get and retain a good friend. You experience with them the highs and lows of life which test the ins and outs of the friendship. Befriending people is easy, but keeping the right friends takes time and effort. It is no different in recruitment. It is still about people. A company […]

Why are most recruitment solutions dysfunctional by default?

Attract, source, hire, on-board, retain, reward then fire. This is how most cloud based recruiting solutions are built and configured to secure the right talents. Accelerating the hiring process through streamlining the process to engage candidates and their management. The source of power comes from the system capability to hire the best candidates for the […]

How to deal with misfits in organisations?

Bringing the right people into the organisation is the leaders’ job. Getting people on board who culturally fit the business culture is the leaders’ job. The leaders are all those who are involved in the recruitment process from the CEO, executive managers, recruiters, managers, supervisors and staff members. When the misfits infiltrate the ranks of […]